Our Story

Who are we?
We are two moms of little brats who are extremely fussy about what they wear. Our journey started at home with our children, who have turned out to be our biggest motivators and critics. Don’t take us lightly because we are constantly forced to innovate as our kids grow, with their constantly evolving fashion senses.                                                   
What do we do?
 We are trying to change the world in our own small way.
  • We want to slowly change the biases towards colours and gender associations. Colours are meant to be admired by one and all. 
  • We believe that children should wear clothes that make them feel free, wild, colourful, joyous and most importantly, comfortable. All our designs are comfort fits, meant to provide relaxed and the trendiest looks for children of all sizes. 
  • We confess that we have taken extra efforts in ensuring the kids’ comfort, no poky ends, super-soft cotton tags that will not bother them, soft, cotton lining wherever needed, folds and stitches that don’t bulge. Basically, snuggly comfort all around. 
  • We love working with cottons and viscose. We completely avoid polyester. All our fabrics feel soft against the skin. 
  • We make clothes that children want to wear all though the day, without fuss, while looking gorgeous. 


How do we do it?
  • Spruha is proud to be following zero wastage policy. We recycle all our fabric scraps, nothing goes into the bins. 
  • We want to give back to the community that helped make us. We work with hard-working, talented women from lower economic backgrounds to make some fantastic accessories using the left-over fabric. 
  • We consciously use wooden buttons. We incorporate cloth ties, adjustable waists to help make better fits for all sizes. We try our best to make our designs eco-friendly and work extensively to figure out feasible options. 
  • As a policy, we avoid designs that have more wastage. Let’s say we do fall in love with a design, we work super hard in finding feasible alternatives. And the left over pieces all get used. No trash! 
  • We put our designs through extensive testing. All the pieces go through quality checks and feasibility. Our test subjects are our own children, which translates to The HULK level testing. (Have you seen the hulk rip his clothes?)  Please note: No children/ clothes were harmed in the process. 
We are so happy to have you join us on this journey. Welcome to the Spruha club. 



Spruha accomadates all my requirements and makes clothes that my kids don’t want to take off. Choice of colours, elegant, stylish, classy, choice of patters, royal, handpicked fabric, comfortable, unique designs.


I like their innovative designs, sturdy finish, all day wear, uniform quality. It’s great for machine wash and they are reasonably priced.


Spruha, the name evokes the spirit of commitment of the women behind the brand. I want to see my kids smartly dressed in comfortable fabric and most importantly in clothes at affordable prices. I am a very satisfied customer and a happy parent

Drithi (age 7)

I wore the yellow dress. It was very soft and comfy. I liked it very much.

Mrinalini (age 6)

I like the lehenga dress. I liked it so much for the comfort and the colour.

Bhairavi (age 9)

I really liked the lehenga. It was very comfortable and a perfect fit.


I regularly buy from spruha for my 2 kids. I literally wait for their new product launch everytime. For their fabric, colour, print and for their reasonable pricing. Love everything about Spruha. Highly recommend it.


Spruha is like a box of chocolates for us. We just know it takes care of our happiness in its truest sense!!